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      Thai Food Exhibition Group 2019
      Column:Company News Time:2019-06-05

      THAIFEX is co-sponsored by Cologne Exhibition Company, Thai Business Promotion Center and Thai Chamber of Commerce, equivalent to Anuga in Southeast Asia. Since 2004, THAIFEX has played a vital role in the food and beverage industry in the southeastern region, becoming the largest food and beverage trade exhibition in the region. The exhibition brings together food, beverage, food service and food technology products from all over the world, and focuses on the fast-growing food markets in the Central and South Peninsula and surrounding countries. The 16th THAIFEX will match the most sophisticated business network and professional knowledge in the food and beverage industry with the most accurate market. As the central trading platform of food and beverage in Southeast Asia, the Thai International Food Exhibition has a wide range of exhibitions and a clear structure. It is an ideal platform for purchasing and information exchange for trade buyers. Every year, food trade professionals from all over the world gather here to understand, explore and explore international trends, the latest products, and share business opportunities with each other.